Why vote for Peter?

Fiscal Experience

Peter will draw upon his current experience as a Program Manager for a large defense contracting firm where he is responsible for a team of more than 60 employees, several subcontractors, and a budget of more than $20 million per year, to responsibly oversee the town’s budget and personnel. Additionally, he will apply the knowledge gained through his graduate degrees which focused on Leadership & Management and Government Policy.

Improved Safety and Security

Peter will use the experience gained from multiple deployments around the world and his tenure as Deputy Commander of the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, which centered on ensuring the safety of the 5000+ military and civilian employees, to inform his stance on issues vital to the safety and security of our community. Peter understands that every family deserves access to a quality education without fearing for their children’s safety. In addition to hardening school campuses, he will advocate for the hiring of School Resource Officers for all of our elementary schools because they are an essential line of defense.

Better Representation

Our current local government reflects the views of about half of the town’s voters. Peter firmly believes that good governance can only be achieved when multiple viewpoints are respectfully considered. He supports public engagement in the process by which town policies are made that affect residents’ daily lives, and he vows to work diligently with all members of the Council to solve problems that affect our community.

Get Involved

Please support Peter's campaign by making a financial donation or joining his campaign efforts.